Advanced Configuration#

The CANivore provides additional configuration options for advanced users.

CAN Bus Termination#

The CANivore has a 120 \(\Omega\) programmable resister for terminating the CAN bus. The resistor can be configured using the CAN Bus Termination toggle in the CANivore device card in Phoenix Tuner X.


A CAN bus requires two termination resistors, one at each extreme end. If only one is present, communication over CAN may fail.

CAN bus termination is the second toggle in the CANivore device card

caniv - CANivore CLI#

caniv is a Command-line Interface (CLI) to interact with CANivores outside of Phoenix Tuner X.


Unlike the CANivores page in Phoenix Tuner X, caniv does not require a running Phoenix Diagnostic Server.

On Linux systems (including the roboRIO), caniv can be found at /usr/local/bin. On Windows systems, the program is in the Phoenix Tuner X application cache directory, which can be opened by opening the Diagnostic Log page and clicking the left folder icon in the top right:

Opening the Tuner X application cache folder

To view a list of available commands, run caniv either with no parameters or with --help.

Running the caniv CLI help message