Pigeon 2.0#

Pigeon 2.0 is the next evolution in the family of Pigeon IMUs.

With no on-boot calibration or temperature calibration required and dramatic improvement to drift, the Pigeon is the easiest IMU to use yet.

Store Page

CAD, Firmware and purchase instructions.

Hardware User Manual

Wiring and mount instructions in PDF format.

Status Light Reference#

Pigeon 2 led location
Blink Codes
Animation (Click to play) LED State Cause Possible Fix
LEDs Off No Power Provide 12V to Red/Black leads.
Blinking Alternating Red Pigeon 2 does not have valid CAN. Ensure good connections between CANH and CANL (Yellow and Green) & robot controller is on.
Blinking Alternating Orange Pigeon 2 detects CAN but does not see Phoenix running on the robot controller. If Phoenix is running on the robot controller, ensure good connection between the controller and this device. Otherwise, deploy a robot program that uses Phoenix.
Blinking Simultaneous Orange Pigeon 2 detects CAN and sees the robot is disabled. Phoenix is running in robot controller and Pigeon 2 has good CAN connection to robot controller.
Blinking Alternating Green Pigeon 2 detects CAN and sees the robot is enabled.
Alternate Red/Orange Damaged Hardware. Contact CTRE.
Single LED alternates Green/Orange Pigeon 2 in bootloader. Field-upgrade device in Tuner X.

Mount Calibration#

It’s recommended to perform a mount calibration when placement of the Pigeon 2.0 has been finalized. This can be done via the Calibration page in Tuner X.

Mount calibration page in Tuner X