Device History#

Users can access a list of past devices connected to Tuner X and license them via the Device History page. This is accessible from the left-hand sidebar. This list is not automatically refreshed, but users can refresh it by pressing the refresh icon in the top-right of the page.

Device History robot

Licensing from Device History#

Users can activate a license for a disconnected device by clicking on the device in the Grid. Then, select the “PRO” icon at the bottom right of the device card.

From there, the user can activate a license for the device like normal. Once the device license has been activated, the user still needs to connect Tuner X to the robot to transfer the activated license to the device.

The “PRO” icon may be replaced with a greyed “LIC” icon in the following situations:

  • The device is on Phoenix 5 firmware and actively connected to Tuner X

  • The device is not a Phoenix 6 compatible device

Users who license an eligible Phoenix 6 device running Phoenix 5 firmware must update the device firmware to v6 compatible firmware to utilize licensed features.