Pigeon 2 Troubleshooting#

A functional limitation was discovered in Pigeon 2s manufactured in September of 2022. When used on a CANivore (CAN FD) Bus, the Pigeon 2 may not transmit CAN FD frames correctly. As a result, you may find that all CAN device LEDs go red when the Pigeon 2 is in-circuit and powered.

A firmware fix has been published, to update the firmware of an affected Pigeon 2, one of the below options can be used.

Option 1: Workaround with Tuner X#


If you do not see the below option, then Tuner X is likely older than version 2023.1.5.0.

A new section in Tuner X Settings labeled Pigeon 2 Workaround has been added. When the Execute Pigeon 2 workaround button is pressed, all CANivores will enter a special mode that allows them to see the offending Pigeon 2s. This mode is reverted when the CANivore is power cycled.

Pigeon 2 workaround

Once the workaround has been applied, the device will show up in the Devices menu and the LED should be alternating green/orange. Field-upgrade the firmware version and power cycle the CANivore.

Option 2: Connect to the roboRIO Bus#

Connect the Pigeon 2 to the roboRIO CAN Bus and field-upgrade the firmware version.


We recommend power cycling Pigeon after moving CAN bus leads from CANivore to roboRIO CAN bus to ensure a clean transition.